My last two cents

by Wes M on December 14, 2011

You see,

Sometimes a person thinks he’s doing the ‘right thing’ and keeps going. A glint of doubt shows occasionally but that man swipes it away, continuing on his path. As he gains experience in the journey, he begins to see more clearly this strange glint. It becomes bigger a bigger until he is able to recognize it.

His gut feeling, which he suppressed, seemed right on the spot. Dead right.

When most guru’s and other dating authorities put making money before helping others, you got a non genuine product. Usually hefty priced. With questionable value and even more questionable results.

I don’t like that. It’s against my personal virtues. More about this in …well… the about section.

In short – I’m not motivated anymore to keep up this. Focusing my worth in other areas will bring far more alignment to my goals.

I’ve made some changes to previous posts to reflect this new mindset. Anyway, the whole idea is now very far away from the perfect meaning. And this will be the last blog posts here.

p.s. actually you can find good information on dating advice. But you’ll have to search.


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